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Individual Tax Returns

Professional Tax Preparers have extensive knowledge of deductions that most individuals miss.  Even if you’re good with numbers, filing your taxes yourself can be a major headache.

 Studies show that most people spend an average of 6 hours researching and filling out tax forms.

If you make a mistake on your return, you substantially increase the risk of an audit.  

It is estimated that only 24% of individually prepared returns are filed correctly.

We can get help get your refund much faster!  Let NumberWise help you with a difficult and time consuming chore. Call us today for an appointment.  608-620-4339

Our fees are the most reasonable in the industry!

We are much less than the big chains and our fees are tax deductible!  The most expensive way to have your taxes done is to do them yourself!

Haven’t filed taxes for several years?

No big deal!  We’re experts at bringing you up to speed.

Want your refund fast?

We offer E-filing at no extra charge.  Ask us for details.

Don’t leave money on the table!

We go over your situation and find every deduction that you’re qualified for. Studies show 87% of taxpayers don’t get all the deductions!